Krishna Prasad Sah (Trends Of India) is the name which has a rich culture, history sewn in its every thread. Where the tradition of Trends Of India has been passing since years to turn to a major runner at the Indian market. The Name " Trends Of India" refers to the fresh and latest of India. The latest, trendy and fresh collections are what we offer at our stores. Before conversations begins, Trends Of India Forged an unusual way for success. Today, TOI has 12 stores across India. Moreover, TOI becomes the best destination to pick for all the brides, groom and young fashion-conscious people who are into wearing something trendy, vibrant Indian occasion wear which is very similar to everyone's sense of style. TOI serves a wide range of occasions, our collection involves Jodhpurs, Kurta sets, Sherwani, Suits, Fancy Kurta sets, Indo-western, Pyjama, Blazers, Tie, Pocket square, Dupatta and more.

Explore Finest Wedding Collection
Weddings are said to be made in heaven. TOI believes it by heart. Which is why Trends Of India and its Wedding collection seems like a match made in heaven. From celebratory to occasion outfits, from bride and groom luxury weddings couture to the outfits for people who attend weddings we have it all in our store. Rock all your bride to be or groom to be Parties, Haldi, Engagement, Sangeet, Wedding and meets and greet parties in our fabulous wedding collection. Apart from Trends Of India range of collections they carry, Trends Of India's consumers like their designs which are dependent on a very deep understanding of their clientele and what looks perfect for them. Trends Of India latest bridal collection 2020 collection is all every bride and groom need in their closet. Kashmiri kadhai, produced from the Kashmir weavers. In this collection wedding dresses were gorgeously crafted with intrinsic needlework along with quality was webbed to best made of innovation and creativity utilising a wide spread of patterns and colours that intertwined spirits and mood of craftsmen with the best sequence of nature with traditional embroidery form that included two or one ends of embroidery stitching styles. At Trends Of India, the issue isn't discovering the best outfit, but picking from two or three from the huge stack of your favourites you found is a big problem.

It All Started with A Thought
Every best thing should have a start with a sole thought. Wonderful things only happen when people begin a change rather than worrying to seek a change. Trends Of India's honorable Mr Krishna Prasad Sah thought the same when he started this ethnic wear line.
Mr Krishna Prasad Sah's main vision is to fill the huge void in both women and men's ethnic wear segments. In 2001, Ethic wear wasn't looked at as a fashion nor even a category. His idea of bringing luxurious Indian wear to the apparel wear category and to give it a rich and traditional look paved a path for Trends Of India's first outlet in 2001, April in Deoghar. This store just started with 2  peoples with passion and effort, they thrived to change the perception of making normal ethical apparels for weddings and developed many festive and occasion wears and made people look at ethical and Indian wears for celebrations and events rather than for weddings. After the huge success of their first store, they never looked back. In 2008, Mr Krishna Prasad Sah established Trends Of India in Deoghar, Jharkhand. The brands reserved the best place in the top brands for men's fashion. It is involved in operations for many years and evolved with changing times of blending Indian traditions with modernity. It provides luxe collections year after year and even imbibed culture. Trends Of India didn't stop at that; they even went to bring a smile on those cute little faces so they started their very own kids ethical line, which even became a big hit collection across north India. In 2019 they started their 10th store in India. By 2020, they are the proud owners of 12 stores and with 90 people working under them. Trends Of India spell history and elegance like no other.

You Weren't Purchasing Just an Outfit
Trends Of India were assured that you weren't buying just an outfit. You were buying something which is in making for months by having you, the consumer at the heart of manufacturing. Mr. Krishna Prasad Sah didn't just add Trend in " Trends Of India" for the sake of the name. They do keep the latest trends going on in all our apparels. Customizing that trend is another beautiful thing to do. Trends Of India carry the newest trends and styles with their details which elevate collection. They do have a pretty wide range which involves trendy garments, ethereal classics which never goes out of trend and updated styles. At Trends Of India whatever your style could be you will discover something which reflects your personality. Each garment examined to make sure garment quality is at a peak. From enclosures utilised for lining, stiching process, embroidery quality, every garment aspect is examined. Trends Of India provides customization levels. For little changes to ensure perfect fit and designs from scratch with our In-house studio. Trends Of India's Chief Mr. Krishna Prasad Sah make sure the manufacturing and management process along with skilled manpower maintain the best level of Quality. Trends Of India source from the finest and follow ethical practices with them and their staff.

Trends Of India provides classic, timeless attire that instantly inspires adoration and awe. These designs aren't just known for superior quality fabric but also the from the experience which the label accumulated with 12 years of legacy. We have unique varieties to pick from.

Carrying Legacy since 2009

At Trends Of India, we proudly bring an exclusive celebratory and occasional, wedding collection which are beautiful and handmade in intricate weaving patterns and rich colors. You can get them in cotton, silk and more fabrics. You will be amazed after seeing our occasional and wedding collections. We are here to offer men, women and kids with our finest range of luxurious ethical Indian outfits. Trends Of India has the best relationship with style, craftsmanship and quality. Their attention towards every detailing, quality materials, fine craftsmanship are Trends Of India Forte which behind our success, fame and growth for many years. Trends Of India build great trust and be a go-to store for millions of fashion lovers across India mainly in North India. There are no second thoughts in terms of shopping for Indian ethical wedding apparels, festive clothing, occasional outfits, as "Trends Of India '' is the only name that comes into the mind of every trendy and fashion-conscious person who loves to dress in their liking. We are here to offer what you are looking for which has a hallmark of class and creativity in each attire. Trends Of India knows how to possess a luxurious taste for trends and styles in the all their traditional and ethnic Indian wear for men and women. Get real mix of edgy refinement and regal elegance for fitting every traditional and contemporary look that range from antiquated embroidery to structured silhouettes, finest designer to classic work garments for modern man and women to their every special occasion. More style, more sizes, more colors, more categorized apparels, more trendy details, more garments add more happiness on your faces on your most important day. Everything is more in Trends Of India. It's your turn now. Let's create more happiness and fill the world with more styles and joy with Trends Of India.